Here you will find our rates, terms & conditions

A trial class is FREE!

Do you want to register? We offer the following options:

- Permanent registration > Payment by automatic collection each month > assured of a place

- Payment per class >  flexibel card where you can reserve by class if there is a spot left 

From age 1 - 100 years

Lesson of 30 minutes per week: €14,50,- per month

Lesson of 45 minutes per week: €29,- per month / €10,- single class

Lesson of 60 minutes per week: €33,- per month / €11,- single class

Showteam, 180 minutes per week + Other activities: €55,- per month

Parent and kids class, 45 minutes per week: €39,- per month


  • Follow 2 classes and get DISCOUNT! 2 x 45 minutes = €52,- per month / 2 x 60 minutes = €55,- per month
  • Follow 3 classes a week and get MORE discount! 3 x 45 minutes = €79 per month / 3 x 60 minutes = €85,- per month
  • We charge €10,- administration cost, these will expire if you register immediately in the dance studio after trial class


Terms & Conditions

  • A single test lesson is FREE of charge!
  • You can apply for courses/lessons membership via our web-site.  Please apply right away!
  • You may as well enrol for courses using help by our admin staff located in our premises.
  • a single test lesson (FREE-of-charge) can only be done one time. You can plan/reserve such a test lesson via our website (See: ‘proefles aanvragen’), per telephone or via our admin at our premises. Hereafter you can enrol for the lesson yourself.
  • When subscribing for courses/lessons of 60 minutes you will have various course terms with a minimum course term of 6 months. After 6 months, you have every month the option of terminating the membership you have to cancel before the first of the month.
  • When subscribing for courses/lessons of 45 minutes you will have various course terms with a minimum course term of 3 months. After 3 months, you have every month the option of terminating the membership. You have to cancel before the first of the month.
  • After the enrolling membership process, the dancing student obtains an official registration. After that you cannot terminate anymore the subscription. 
  • Termination of the membership should be done in writing ultimately before de 1-st day of the coming month. You have a 1-month termination period. The writing can be send to or with the unsubscribe form on our website.
  • Payment of course fee is possible via automatic collection banking. The amount due will effectively be withdrawn around the 25-th of the month. Paymet will be for the next month.
  • In case you want to plan a free-of-charge test lesson we cannot guarantee you participation at the planned date. You should submit a request to our admin with your planned date ahead.
  • In case dancing lessons are started with reservation or in case we have less subscriptions than minimal required, than it might be possible that after a few months we terminate the course. In that case you will reimburse the remaining paid course fee or you can select other dancing lessons.   
  • Enrolment for lessons is only possible via the on-line membership form or via our admin office. In case a participant is under age the (foster) parent should fill in and sign the form. As soon as The Dance Factory-Voorburg has received your application form you are obliged for payment of course fee irrespective whether your son/daughter actually takes place at the dancing lessons. Before the lessons start, you will receive information on the course participation of you son/daughter. In case you son/daughter is not accepted that there is no obligation for course fee payment. 
  • We define 12 dancing months per year. In the summer vacation we will follow a different class schedule. Nevertheless, of the possibility of falling out of a lesson we guarantee a minimum of 40 lesson weeks per year.
  • Payment of single lessons can be done online. Here we charge the single lesson tariff’ for you. You may as well buy a multi-lesson card for 3 or 5 lessons, it depends on the class. You can only reserve classes online if there is a spot free.
  • In case the amount due is not transferred in time you have to arrange payment of the invoice plus 2,50 Euro admin costs. In case of long lasting outstanding payment, we will send the invoice to an debt collector office.
  • In case your payment is still due after two reminders (including admin costs) we will send the invoice to an debt collector office. Additional costs are for you to pay.
  • Dancing students should wear appropriate clothing and shoes. A description of the definition can be found under the caption ‘dress code’. A small bottle with water is allowed to bring inside the dancing rooms.  Outdoor shoes, chewing gum, food, cans with fluids are not allowed inside the dancing rooms.
  • The Dance Factory - Voorburg is not responsible for loss or theft of goods and human injuries
  • The dance factory has the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions
  • Changes will also apply to agreements already concludedThe dance factory will inform you of the changes by e-mail
  • The changes to the general terms and conditions will take effect after 30 days after you have been notified the changes
  • If you do not agree with the announced changes you have the right to terminate the agreement
  • Ticket cards for our dancing festivals/promotions cannot be reimboursed. You may sell those tickets to third parties. Please inform us on the new ticket owner.
  • For activities apart from the regular lessons, such as workshops, you may annul up to 7 days in advance of the workshop free-of-charge. You will reimbourse your payment. In case you do this in less than 7 days ahead of the workshop you should pay the full amount.